Carlos Macedo is an aspiring artist that has made a name for himself with help from friends, family, and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ. Carlos grew up in Oceanside California and as a tattoo artist started working in various parts of Southern California but currently works out of Vatican Studios in Orange County California.

Carlos started his career as a self taught tattooist, but eventually apprenticed under Franco Vescovi who he credits with taking him to the next level. As a tattoo artist, Carlos is honored to have his art displayed on a greater piece of art, the human body. For others to allow Carlos’ work to be permanent part of their body brings a commitment to excellence that continues to be demonstrated in his work.

Carlos believes hard work coupled with perseverance will no doubt lead to success, but success without meaningful relationships is a waste. This is the very reason Carlos’ “bread and butter” is tattooing. The friendships he develops while traveling the world tattooing people from various walks of life is a dream come true.